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Illuminated shoes

Illuminated shoes

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Upper material: flying woven

[Advantages]: Waterproof led light strip, strong flexibility
[Where is the switch?]
A: The switch is on the inside of the shoe, near the charging plug.(hold down for 3 seconds to turn off the light)

[How long does it take to charge?]
A: It is recommended to charge 3-4 hours. If you forget to charge more, it doesn't matter. However, it is an electronic product, so take care.
[When do I need to charge]
A: When you see the light starts to dim or you only have 2 colors, you need to consider charging.
[Will the light be on when charging?]
A: Yes, the shoe light will turn red when charging. When it is full, it will light green.
[How to maintain and clean shoes]
A: The shoes are imported materials. Please take good care of them. After washing with a damp cloth, ventilate and dry them. Remember not to put them directly in the faucet, or to soak the shoes in the water. The upper can be maintained with white shoe polish.

 size 25  26  27  28  29  30  31  32 33 34 35 36 37
 length  15.9 16.5  17.3  17.8  18.5  19.3  19.8  20.5 21.2 21.8 22.5 23.2 23.8

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