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Electric Nose Cleaner

Electric Nose Cleaner

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product description

This is a very interesting electric nasal suction device, with an electronic display is convenient and practical, a childcare article that Chaoma needs.

Product Features

1. Adjustable suction level in 3 levels, designed for different concentrations of snot

2, bring music, music soothes, so that the baby does not resist good cooperation

3, with colored lights, Attracting lights, convenient at night

4, size 2 noses interchangeable, adapt to babies of different ages

5, the nozzle combination can be folded 装, clean and disinfect without dead corners, the baby is healthy to use

6, with agglomeration clips, 夹 for clamping out dry agglomerates, forming a perfect complement

7, PP box packaging, exquisite practical and hygienic, easier to carry

Product information and attributes

Name: Electric Nasal Aspirator

Material: ABS + PP + Electronics

Color: pink, light green, light blue


Battery: 2 * 1.5V (shipping without battery)

Size: 18.5 * 4 * 4.5CM

Packing size: 10.5 * 5.5 * 17.5CM


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