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Aircraft drone aerial photography

Aircraft drone aerial photography

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Product Information: V4
Product color: black
Product material: alloy ABS, PEO
Camera: 1080P-4K
Image transmission: WIFI distance is about 50 meters
Product size: folding: 13*8*6cm
Expanded (with shelf): 33*33*6cm
Storage bag size: 25*18*7cm
Remote control distance: about 150 meters
Flight time: 15 to 18 minutes
Battery capacity: 3.7V 1500mAh25c
Remote control battery: 3*AA
Package contents: aircraft *1, remote control *1, USB charging cable *1, screwdriver, protective frame *4, battery *1, fan blade *4 (spare 2A + 2B), wifi manual *1, Manual *1

Product Features:

1. The aircraft has the functions of ascending, descending, hovering, advancing, retreating, turning left, turning right, flying on the left side, flying on the right side, four-sided rollover, headless mode, one-key return, and set height function.
2. With wifi function, you can connect APP and APK system to take pictures and record videos, and transmit camera images in real time through mobile phones.
3. The aircraft can be folded for easy carrying.
4. Modular battery, easy to replace.
5. The aircraft has low current protection and over-current protection, and the aircraft is flexible and stable; the aircraft can be fine-tuned through the mobile phone APP to fine-tune the performance of the aircraft to ensure normal function
6. The aircraft body is made of high-strength drop-resistant engineering plastic, which is durable and durable. Built-in six-axis gyroscope, flight is smooth and smooth.

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